What others have to say:

Sephira  (Charlotte Jewish Day School 3rd grader) 

I wanted to write a letter to tell you that Eldad Malka is a wonderful teacher. I liked Fun Fridays With Eldad(FFWE). It was challenging and we had to work together as a team to progress in some struggles. It was challenging, but Eldad helped us with anything that we needed. For example, he showed us how to pick up a water bucket with strings and pour it into a small water bottle. He showed us which way to pour it. In conclusion, I will miss Eldad very much he was the best. I hope his new students love him as much as I do !

She is talking about a 3 months program that I created in her school for 1st to 5th graders. The program focused on  creative thinking, team building , and dealing with unfair situations.

As a supplementary Jewish education program, we are constantly challenged with providing deep learning that is accessible, engaging, and relevant to the lives of our students. When I first met with Eldad to talk about the potential of him leading our “Adventure Leadership” elective to a group of 4th and 5th graders I was blown away by his energy. His enthusiasm was palpable. This remained true through every interaction that I had with him. And, in observing the program in which 25 students eagerly participated for six consecutive weeks, I can attest that the students also felt this charisma pouring out of Eldad as he led them through a series of activities that taught them new skills while also challenging them physically (they pulled a rope, attached to the front bumper of a car, across our parking lot!). While the activities were unique and captivating, it was how Eldad related those activities to the students’ leadership qualities that was especially special. We look forward to finding new opportunities for Eldad to bring his programming into our community!

Zachary Rolf, RJE

Director of Learning and Engagement

Temple Emanuel Denver

51 Grape Street

Denver, CO 80220

I have worked with 3 other fitness trainers in the past.  Eldad is my favorite of all.  Exercise can seem like a boring chore, especially when you are starting out and striving for results to keep you motivated.  Eldad has keep it interesting and motivated me when I was searching for motivation.  When I show up to train, I never know what new exercise Eldad will bring to the workout which keeps the sessions from being boring.  He takes the time to explain the correct technique and how the exercise will benefit your body.  He strives to make you independent and not have to lean on a trainer as a crutch.  I am excited about the results I am seeing working out with Eldad and look forward to continue training with him.

Kevin Watson

It is our pleasure to recommend Eldad Malka as a personal trainer. He was our trainer at the Indianapolis Jewish Community Center for over 3 years. He is an outstanding person who was compassionate and very understanding of our individual needs.  He listened to what we wanted,  but he also knew what we needed in our training sessions.  He was fun to be around but  also kept us on the right track in all of our workouts.  We highly recommend him if you want a trainer who will keep you motivated.  




Linda and Elliott Gold