Out of the Comfort Zone

March 31, 2019

Last week I had  a special day, I got to spend a full day outside, doing what I love and seeing that what I do actually have a positive effect on others.



Thanks to JCC Ranch Camp's generosity I was able to take 10 kids from High school to a full day out in the camp. We started with some orienteering, learned how to use a compass and read a map, continued with walking the horses around, cooked lunch together ( they did, I just ate..) went through a low ropes course activities and finished with a feeling of triumph. 


The laughter, the connection, and the surprised looks on their faces with each challenge, made this day go by quickly. Throughout the day each kid had to lead an activity. There was one particular moment that will stay with me; one girl came to the circle and with loud voice and a lot of energy talked with the group. Immediately there was noise and laughter and movement. On the next activity I placed a shy girl who speaks softly. When she approached the same group, the dynamic changed, and all of the sudden they all were quite, calm and attentive. There is a reason why we call a leader a leader , he/she really set the tone for the rest of the team. It is something worth paying attention


to and use it next time you are dealing with a group- change your approach and see how they respond.

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