kids are AWESOME

March 26, 2019

Today I had the privilege to work with 6 great kids from 1st grade to 4th grade. They signed up to my after school program Adventure Leadership , and when I asked them what do they think we are going to do ? the answers were " we are going to be leaders" , " we are going to go on adventure", "we are going to learn new things".


each and every one of the answers was right. I think we covered it all today. 

They led a blindfolded partner through a maze.

They learned how to do 8 figure knot.

They went outside and dragged my car with a long rope.


It was an adventure, what I appreciate most about this group is that they are so EXCITED about it all, and eager to try everything. When a kid leaves a session and says that it was Awesome, I feel like I did what I came to do.


BTW I didn't think that they will be able to drag the car, but they DID. There is strength when you work together.








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