March 11, 2019


So the research is done, I got the results and now i'm thinking "what did I search for?" and whether what I got answered that search. 


We had 6 sessions of 2 hours with the kids every week. We had a team of 6 researchers (4th year students from Johnson Wales University) and one professor. Two assessments and one survey.


The main goal was to find out how my program affects the participants' emotional/social self efficacy. On the first session the researchers admitted the first assessment, 16 questions that revolve around emotional/ social self efficacy. over the following 6 weeks the kids went through various activities that challenged them individually and as a group. The activities ranged from dragging a car to taking a computer apart, from solving a puzzle to lead a blindfolded friend in a maze. After 6 weeks, the researchers admitted the same assessment again, with the hope to see that something changed.


And you know what- it did!

Here is what Ms. Warner had to share at the conclusion of her work:


"After taking into consideration the different results from the research, it appears that the Leadership Adventure Program may have impacted small aspects or components of self-efficacy. The parents seemed as if they were satisfied with the program but were left wanting more experiences regarding self-confidence. Many students struggled with traits of introversion, which could easily coincide with feelings of self-confidence."


I am not a researcher, that is why I have others do that ... But I relay heavily on the feedback that I get from the participants, and that was evident at the final session , when 3 kids led their friends through an activity that they planned and organized!


I want to Thank the team from USW for their dedication and hard work. With the information that they uncovered I can make this program even better!


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