The privilege to volunteer

February 15, 2019

It may be Valentines day but this is not the topic... 

Today I have had the privilege to volunteer and lead a group of teenagers from Refugees and immigrants families. I stumbled upon this opportunity through a client in a spinning class, and I'm grateful for that, because it placed me in a position to do good.

My Spanish was at the same level as their Hebrew- not existent but with the help of the Group leader we were able to communicate. We learned how to tie knots, and a bit about each other. The main activity was lead by the group leader and she did a great job making them all feel comfortable and being heard.


 The kids were instructed to draw " the tree of life" the roots are where you came from , the trunk is the present and the branches are your goals and future. They all loved it and put thought into that. I did it as well and it made it clear to me that my tree has 2 trunks, one is Israel and the other is USA ( but that is for another post).


At the end I had a chance to ask them about their thoughts and about what they wrote, it was clear that they had a lot in common in all the trees. All of the sudden one thing was clear to me:


If you take all the trees that they drew, and place them together, you can see that TOGETHER the root system is complex and strong and can support each other. If a tree stands alone in the rain, the dirt around it's roots might wash away and the tree will fall. If the tree has other trees around it, they all will thrive.


If they took anything from this session - I hope it is that WHEN WE ARE TOGETHER WE CAN DO BETTER and  that  WE HAVE MORE IN COMMON THAN WE THINK.

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