For a good reason

November 27, 2018

If you sell vacuums, will you give one away?

If you fix engines, will you give one away for free?

 I think that you will , only if it is for a good reason. But what is a good reason? how do you decide what is a noble reason and what is selfish. Yesterday I stopped by a mechanic who fixes small engines, and asked for an engine. I'm sure that if I had told them that I need it as spare parts to fix my engine, they would have charged me for it. But I told them that it is for a workshop to teach


4th and 5th graders how engines work, they were excited to help and wanted to give me more than I asked! I believe that responded that way because it is not a selfish goal, because the beneficiary of it are the kids.



same approach can apply to YOUR goals and needs, if you want to do something that costs you  (energy, time, money..) try to tie that to a noble cause, it will be easier to do what you want if it is serving others. Waking up at 5 am to workout is easier if it is to be alive so you can take care of your kids than it is just to loose 5 pounds. right?



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