April 15, 2018


What do you take with you when you move across the country?


Bed, table, clothes, relationship, washing machine, personality, dishes, fears, bikes, kayaks, hopes, trash can... it is a long list and it always getting longer and longer. It is not easy to decide what I can leave behind, what I can donate and what I'm going to take with me. The trash can will come with me!!! 

I'll probably will bring my personality, fear and hopes along. But it is a good time to revise them. To see if there is a way for me to redefine  how I look at life, how I see myself and how I want the rest of the world to see me. I think of the move as an opportunity to create a change from within. It is true that the fact that I'm changing the scenery doesn't mean that it is automatically a meaningful change of ME, I will stay the same there. Unless I'm making the choice to change and I'm being specific of how I want this change to look like. the change in the scenery only makes it easier to stick to the change. 

Like with habits, if we change the ques that we are getting we can change the behaviors that are attached to the ques. So by moving to a new place with new people I get the chance to decide what behavior will be attached to the new ques that I'll be presented with. It is not a blank page though. "Myself" will come with me, if I'm not careful enough ( or not mindful enough) I'll end up doing the same things I used to do, the only difference would be the scenery. I DON'T WANT THAT.

Like with anything a plan is needed-

The change- setting boundaries and shift the focus to myself

The path- creating my own space, writing a mission statement, choosing my support team and have them know what is expected of them. Make sure that when I introduce myself to others it is inline with my new mission statement.


So I'm coming with myself, it is ok, I need to make the wanted adjustments, and I need a support team to hold me accountable. 

and I need my trash can!



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