March 14, 2018

I know that I'll have to use "spell check" every time I'll write acknowledgment... What is it anyway?

according to the dictionary - ACKNOWLEDGMENT is  "the acceptance of the truth or the existence of something".


Why should we use acknowledgment in our conversations? 

In order to create a flow in the conversation and to make sure that both sides come out of it with a feeling of being heard, we need to acknowledge the value that both parties have brought. Think of a time that you walked into a room and no one looked at you and acknowledge your existence. How did that feel? all you needed was  for someone to nod, smile, wave, say Hi. Same thing happens during a conversation, If you say something that you think is valuable, it only makes sense that you expect the other side to acknowledge that, they don't have to AGREE with it, just to recognize that you brought something to the table.


What would you consider to be a better reaction when a child falls and hit his/hers knee:

1. It is nothing , get up and brush it off, it is not a big deal ,you'll be fine.

2. I see that you hurt yourself, it must have hurt, get and brush it off, it is not a big deal, you'll be          fine.

A short addition to the sentence brings in a different tone, and usually leads to a different reaction.

 Do the same in your conversation, acknowledge the value that the other person brought. Let that person know that you value him/her opinion,you might still disagree, but you still gained something from hearing that. Think how you will feel when it is your turn...


I want to acknowledge you for being on this page  and dedicating the time to read this :)


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