What's YOUR story?

February 5, 2018

When you meet someone for the first time - what do you tell him/her? 

                                                                           What's you "elevator pitch" about yourself?

If you'll listen to yourself ( I know it is a shocking idea...) you'll notice that you are repeating the same story with small modifications. So basically you are telling a story and that story has a lot of impact on the interaction between you and the other person. The impact goes a long way. What ever you choose to share creates that first impression and the other person will view you and your actions through that impression. But a more important and meaningful impact is on how YOU view yourself. The more you repeat a story the more you BECOME that story. And that's ok as long as you like the story that you are telling....


For a few years when I presented myself I placed the focus on the fact that I am from Israel, I'm a father, and personal trainer. and that was my identity. About a year ago I started to change the tune and I saw how that affected how people perceived me. I switched the order and said :I'm a wellness coach, a trainer and a father from Israel. Not only that people paid attention to my job, I started to shift my focus on my business and onto my clients. It became a mantra (it happens at least once a day). That Mantra has served me well. 


Now that I'm about to move to a new city, I get to write a new story. Not only that I get to leave behind me old clothes and old furniture, I get to leave the parts of my story that don't serve me anymore. I get to focus on what it is that I'm going to change and create after the move.


What is YOUR story? and what do you want to change in it?





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