What do YOU see?

December 16, 2017


I think that it is clear that we don't SEE our surrounding the same way as the people around us. Three days ago I had the chance to really experience it. 

My 13 years old nephew came to visit me here in the US from Israel. I took him with me to the climbing gym (that's my idea of fun..) so here is how it was, imagine this:

I'm walking in front and he is a step behind me, I talk about climbing and how it is done. We are inside now, I keep talking and getting excited about it, I hand him the harness without looking back, and then I look at his face- it was something between PANIC and FEAR.


We both looked at the same thing and had the opposite reactions!


Long story short- it took him some time, but eventually he LOVED it and asked to go everyday....


WE often think and act as if everyone else SEE what we SEE, and HEAR what WE HEAR. It is clearly not the case and we need to be mindful of it. As a fitness instructor I often need to step back and try to understand what my client see when she looks at the TRX (suspension trainer). For me it is another workout tool, for her it is the devil...By stepping back and looking at it through her eyes, I can change they way we interact and make the workout more reasonable and then she will actually do more of it.


I'm proud of my nephew, he was able to look at the climbing wall through MY eyes and change HIS experience






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