How BIG is your ego?

October 19, 2017


As I was leaving the playground with my 5 and 7 years old boys, I went down the hill, slipped and fell on my ass. It wasn't graceful ( but is was funny.) I did what anyone would do, stood up and checked to see if anyone saw me... sure enough 3 people saw me and one asked if I'm ok. My answer was "I'm fine only my ego got hurt". Then my 7 years old asked:

                                                                                                       WHAT'S EGO?


It was a good question, one that I didn't had a quick and easy answer to.


I asked the people who saw the fall, how would they explain it. One said it is "how manly you feel you are" , the other one said  "It is how you feel about yourself", and I thought of how having big ego can effect the people around you. Elan (my 7 years old) was not satisfied with what he heard. so I tried to give an example- If you are really good at reading and you tell others about it just so they will say "wow you are awesome!" that is led by your ego. If you tell everyone about it so they will be inspired to read more, that is driven from modesty ( I still don't have the right word for the opposite of Ego)


The point I'm making, we all need to feed our ego from time to time, I don't think that it is bad to have a big ego. We just need to check in with ourselves when we do something-WHO DOES OUR ACTION SERVE? if it serves only ourself, then it is our ego that will benefit, again it is not bad but we need to acknowledge it. If someone else can benefit of it- then it is worth the time.


Try it over the next day, check in with yourself, who does your action/story serve?









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