October 15, 2017


Do you have 7 minutes free? 

Do you want to be stronger? 

Can you dedicate the time for yourself


So, there is a way for you to improve your life by dedicating a few minutes a day for yourself. When we want to create a change we often set ourselves up for failure because we want to get it all done and quickly. How about setting a goal of getting a little bit done and over time? 


If you don't already workout, try the following workout, you don't need any equipment other than a steady chair and a timer (you have one on your phone...) 

Perform  each exercise 45 seconds and rest for 15

1. Squat jump, or without the jump. 

2. Push ups leaning against the chair. 

3. Back lunge on right leg. 

4. Hold a plank (high or low) 

5. Back lunge on left leg

6. Lower abs curl (sit on the chair, lean back and extend your legs forward)

7. Mountain climbers (in high plank draw the knees one at a time to your chest. 


If you have more time do it again! 


It is never too late to start, and 7 minutes are good enough to start with! 






*Always listen to your body and if it feels too much , rest! consult a physician before start a new workout routine.




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