Small challenges, Big wins

September 20, 2017


What is your next goal??  Climb a mountain? triple your salary? complete an Iron-man race? How BIG is the challenge, how committed are you to do it? The bigger the challenge, the bigger the initial excitement, and with it can come a bigger disappointment... Smaller goals, on the other hand, are not as exciting and don't hold a big reward after accomplishing them. So we tend discount smaller goals as not important , or not good enough. So what is the best way to set up goals?



Be S.M.A.R.T about it. Take that BIG goal that you have in mind and break it down to "bite-size" steps, a great tool is S.M.A.R.T:




                                                                        Result focused


So you want to complete an Iron-man race, but you can't swim, your ride your  bikes with training wheels and last time you ran was to catch a bus... hold on to that goal, it is achievable, maybe not in the next month but you CAN make it!


First give yourself a timeline- a year/ two years/ 10 years... and make sure that it is attainable If you are working full time in two jobs, well, it will take a bit longer to train. If training is all you will do, maybe a year is good enough.

Break it to smaller steps, not only that it'll make more sense you will also increase the intervals of when you feel that you achieved something! If every week you will get a chance to say " Yay I made it" you will more likely be able to keep pushing forward. It is easy to look uphill and get discouraged , but if the hill is low, well, it seems more ATTAINABLE .


Set your goals so it is about the results that you are getting, instead of saying " i'll ride my bikes every week" say " I'll ride my bike 50 miles a week" this way it is MEASURABLE and  RESULT FOCUSED. 


What I'm saying is not new, it is common sense and has been proven to work. I would like to challenge you to try it out. 

Pick a simple goal and go through the steps. re-write it and be Specific ,think of the result of achieving it , Put a time frame on it, decide how you are going to measure success and just DO IT!






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