What's the use of a REAL social network?

August 24, 2017


As of today I have 501 friends on Facebook. It may not sound like a lot to you, but I think that it is plenty. During my life I have met a lot more than these 501 people and with most of them I'm not in touch (which is understandable.) How does having this group of "friends" add value to my life?

Inspiration, knowing that other people go through similar challenges, knowing that i'm doing better than others (while ignoring when others are doing better than me...) resource for help and knowledge. So there is no doubt that Facebook or any other online social network is valuable.


But does it match a real life, face to face interactions?


We all know the answer. NO. 

We don't need research to tell us that we NEED human interaction, we need to hear, smell, see and feel the person whom we are communicating with. We know it in our gut, if we could get the same result from online communication like face to face, there were no psychologists anymore...


So now we have research that shows us that if you want to live longer, all you need to do is surround yourself with people (scary thought isn't it?!). In the TED Talk you'll hear about why it is important, I want to focus on how you can create that network, because only by ACTION you can get results.

*Choose a hobby and share it with a friend.

*Live next to a family member.

*Invite a coworker for dinner.

*ASK for HELP, Google knows everything but if you don't ask for help from a person you miss an option for interaction.

*Everyday talk to 2 strangers (you can ask for directions or just give a compliment)

*Take your dog to the dog park.

*Go alone to a bar ( and leave your phone in the car)

*get an app that tells you how often you use your phone ( you'll be surprised)


There are ways for us to break the habit of using technology, and we need to practice it because it isolate us and like you'll hear in the talk, KILLS US!


TED TALK - The secret to living longer may be  your social life




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