lazy day

August 14, 2017

Today I did NOTHING! Really, this morning my kids left for a few days, I had no clients or classes, the house is relatively organised , so I did nothing, I laid  on the couch doing nothing. I kept thinking of the things I should do, and I gave myself the permission to stay there. It lasted a few hours, then the feeling of guilt came along " what is is that I need to do and I'm avoiding?" I managed to stay on the couch a bit longer, but I had to do something. So I found a few minor things and got them done. 


I'd love to say that I  enjoyed doing nothing, that I have learned and refocused after that, but that is not the case. Mostly what I felt was guilt for being lazy. And that is something that I want to brake. I want to be able to be lazy for a moment, to let things just happen and give myself the option of stopping. I am today more focused and have more energy to create something new and get Sh** done.


Today I'm not letting myself do nothing! Today is a day of action!

And it starts with this post.


Every once in a while ( I don't mean every hour..) give yourself the permission to do nothing, see how it feels, listen to your thoughts, pay attention to your feelings. Some will call it being lazy, some will call it meditation ...


Do nothing ( just for a little while.)




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