Where is my suitcase?

July 16, 2017

What do we actually NEED? I'm asking my kids this question often. Whenever they tell me that they "NEED" a fidget spinner or a game I ask them " Do you NEED it or you WANT IT?" When I asked it at the beginning they didn't really got the point, but now ( at least the 7 year old) actually get it and use it on on a regular basis.


We are now in Israel, visiting family and enjoying the heat... we have our bathing suits,but we got them only a week and a half after getting here. The suitcases went to France instead of Israel... This unfortunate event brought the question " What do we NEED?" to life again. The answer, is that we don't really need much. When we finally got the suitcases, it made our life easier, but didn't really changed the way we enjoyed our vacation.


Minimalism is way of living, it is a different point of view on life. I'm not there, I must admit. But i'm moving in that direction. Walking around with only one set of clothes made me be more careful with my coffee, made me think more about my actions, made me aware to body odor ( and ways to control it...) and made me realize that it is easier to have only one option as to what should I wear today, less choices, less wasted energy.


I'm not saying "get rid of all your clothes", our possessions have a big impact on us, and it is not necessarily bad impact. All I say is think about what you have and why do you have it? is it really necessary or you just got used to having it, and then ask yourself, if it makes you happy? if so keep it, if not, maybe it is time to let go.


When I get home in 2 weeks, I'm going to work on letting go and clear some of my possessions.



Will you ?

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