Don't stress over it

May 14, 2017

          This week I finally did my stress test. It was due for a while, so I got on the treadmill, they connected me to the EKG, they ultrasound my heart and I started running. It came out fine, no problems, but it made me think about stress, emotional and physical.


          At this setting they wanted to check how my heart is doing under stress, so they had the right equipment, the right technicians, they had the right gear in case something bad happen and they had a well thought and researched protocol to go by. This preparation is crucial for the success of the test. If one of the parts is missing, it can end in a disaster ( at least from my point of view...)


           This is where stress comes in. Their goal was to put my heart under the biggest stress in order to see how it functions. That is the place where growth happens, when you push your boundaries you get to uncharted areas, and that is when the risk is really high. So, should you just stay in place and don't stress yourself? you and I know that the answer is NO. How can you expend your boundaries while limiting the risk?


         Just like in the stress test - preparation. Find out which boundary you want to expand, asses the risk, talk with someone from your support system and make sure that you have his/her's help, see what you need in order to make it work, and only than MOVE FORWARD. Worst case, you'll get a heart attack, but at least you know that in the next room there is a cardiologist, and an operating room is one floor up. 


         Stress, when controlled and planned, is a good tool for growth. Don't fear it, respect it and prepare for it



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