Take a chance

February 22, 2017

A friend that I met a few weeks ago just opened up my eyes to a new path! We talked about my goal to support people in their quest to change their lifestyle. Last week she called and told me about a specific grant that might be interesting for me. "Unite Charlotte", it is a fund that its goal is to bring new programs to Charlotte in order to rebuild trust between law enforcement forces and the communities. 


It sounded like a great cause, so I sat down and started to think "how I can contribute ?" At the beginning I had no idea, so I just just thought harder, with the support of my friend something came up! From that original conversation of just informing me of that grant, a new path opened up for me. I am excited to have the option to connect residents and police officers around a common goal of supporting the kids of the community to lead healthier life style.


I hope to get that grant and to run this program. And even if I won't, this sparked something within me, the understanding that I have a lot to contribute to the community around me. and that I can, with the help of my team, make a difference in the lives of people around me on a bigger scale. This has happened because I listened to that friend, and because I didn't say "No" immediately, I gave it a chance. Who knows what will come out of it at the end, for now it served it's purpose.


So I strongly believe that you too, should open your eyes and ears for new ideas, thoughts, people, who know where that will lead you to. Take a chance...




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