February 9, 2017

I can chose to either give up or be creative. That is exactly what you can do too when you face a challenge. I'm facing now a challenge. A technical issue in an office that I am supposed to run a wellness program is stopping me from moving forward. My initial response was " F*** this, it is not going to work, everything is lost." Now, a few hours after, I moved from that thought to a more productive thought "That is annoying, but there is got to be a creative solution!". So now i'm in action again, writing down possible solutions (and also impossible ones.) Something got to work.


When it comes to wellness/fitness/nutrition, challenges will come up. When they do, you have the choice, give up or be creative. Stop or spring into action. Your decision is going to make the difference. So it is up to YOU. The action doesn't need to be "bullet proof" it may be destined to fail, but it gets you moving, and whenever you are moving a change will happen. It might not be at the direction you wanted but it is better than staying in the same spot.


For me, moving on meant finding new location, defining a new approach to how to get people to change their lifestyle. Asking help from others. listening to a great TED TALK where Tim Hartford talked about how frustration can make us more creative. How we should embrace challenges and being uncomfortable. 


Take a 15 minutes of your day and listen to what he has to say about creativity.









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