Short fuse!

January 30, 2017

Bring thoughts and feelings into your (and the people who surround you) awareness. When someone next to you is doing something wrong, let's say throws trash on the ground and there is a trash can 3 feet away. One of the options that you are facing is to call him/her out. Saying something like " Hey you dropped something, the trash can is right there.." . Another option is to ignore. 


If you chose to ignore, the trash will stay on the ground, you will probably feel frustrated/ angry/ righteous. The longer you hold to that feeling the bigger it will become and it will stay with you and will affect your day.


On the other hand, if you say something, not from a judgmental point of view, the result is different. You feel that you DID something about the situations and your feelings, and the other person is aware of the trash and your feelings and thoughts. That person reaction is not relevant- he/she might be angry, they might ignore your or say "thank you for letting me know.." The issue here is bringing what you feel into the light.


Today i didn't had patience to my kids, it was like walking on tight rope and anything caused me to explode. A few times during the day I told them that I'm tense and might  explode any moment - just by saying it, I gained control on my feelings (for a short time only). It didn't changed the day completely, there were a few tears involved, but every time my boys asked me " How long is your fuse now?" (I explained in the past what short fuse meant) I had a little bit more patience. Just because I was aware of my feelings.


If you eat out of boredom, if you smoke just so you can have a few minutes of quiet, if you get angry fast, if you stay in bed because you are just lazy, whatever it is that you do and want to change. Call it out. Find what is the underlying feeling/thought that you have around that behavior and say it out loud. When you turn on the light on it, the monster is not that scary....


have someone turn on the light for you. For me, my boys did it :)






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