Do you really want to be in your comfort zone?

January 16, 2017

It is extremely comfortable to be in your comfort zone- right? :)

I know that my comfort zone it to talk about my dreams and goals and not really pushing forward to get there. It is to be focused on my kids and be with them  (which is great fun and time consuming...) But staying in my comfort zone won't move me forward towards my goals, right?

Lifestyle, career,friendships they all work the same as fitness when it comes to goals and CHANGE.



Let say that you run 5 miles 4 times a week, you eat healthy and you consider yourself to be fit. If you made a new year's resolution and decided that you want to increase your muscle mass, you HAVE TO CHANGE your routine, makes sense right? Maybe run twice a week and lift weight twice. Step out of your comfort zone and challenge your self. I'm probably not the first one to notice that Change is part of  CHA-lle-NGE.


What is your goal? What have you been doing so far in order to get there? and what are you willing to CHANGE in your actions in order to get there?


For me, it is sitting in the parking lot by the playground with my laptop and writing this post while my kids are playing. I didn't used to do it, but in order to get different results (achieving  my career goals) I had to CHANGE my actions. And on a side note, it serves my boys as well, they learn how to be on their own and manage life without me around.


So look at your CHALLENGE  and see what is the CHANGE that you need to make- write it down!



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