The Side effect of a daily challenge

November 30, 2016





         There are so many "challenges " out there, especially in the fitness industry. Some are long term with a big commitment like "couch to 5k" , marathon, swimming ,triathlons and some are more focused on here and now, daily workout, walk 10000 steps a day, do a plank each day. The way I  see it both types of challenges get you to be more active and healthy, and the major difference between them is that when your goal is to run a marathon, you build your workouts and the commitment around that. When you complete the marathon, there is a void that needs to be filled.


          On the other hand, if your challenge is to workout everyday for a month, once you completed that month, you created a new habit, you worked out for the sake of working out and being healthier, that goal doesn't disappear. So the chances that you will keep going with this new habit are higher. If your goal is to do a plank everyday for one minute or more, everyday you get the chance to accomplish something, everyday you get a chance to be proud of yourself, even though it is not a "big" challenge, you have done it!


         Last week I wasn't able to train a client for a week, so I challenged him to do 100 push ups a day. In order to motivate him I promised to do 100 pull ups a day. It was HARD. Every time I passed by my pull up bar I did 5 to 10 pull ups, and wrote it on a piece of paper next to it. I got stronger and better at it. The best outcome though, wasn't about me, it was a side effect of the challenge; My 6 years old started doing pull ups to help me get to 100 a day! I didn't think he can do it, but I was wrong, he can do 2 pull ups in a row. 


        What will be YOUR daily challenge?

Choose something small and attainable, that YOU think will make you better, and see how it affects you and your family.

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