Let's catch up over dinner?

November 25, 2016

Let's say your friend came to town for a few days, and you want to catch up on life. Where would you meet?


A.  brewery 

B.  museum

C.  climbing gym

D.  restaurant 

E.  hiking trail

F.  coffee shop


           If you said a brewery, then you'll probably find me there as well!  But seriously, think about it, most of our interactions, first dates, catching up with friends, work events and so on are around food and drinks.  It is culturally acceptable but what are the hidden costs? More calories, more time sitting down, more time being inactive  (waiting for others to serve you). It puts you in the mind set of being passive, and it most likely trickles down to other areas of your life.


           What if you decided to change that?  What if you met your friend out on a trail for a walk, or at the climbing gym, or a gym, maybe a shooting range, a bike ride, a museum. All of these places will still allow you time to talk (which is why you meet, right?), and they also get you a little bit more active, bring new perspective to the conversation and both of you will come out with a new SHARED experience. You can still grab something to eat and drink on the way, but don't let the food be the center of your meeting (unless you meet at a cooking class which is also a great idea).


          When it comes to a healthier lifestyle, it is all about the daily decisions that we make and the people that we surround ourselves with. If you want to lose weight and you socialize with active people, they will create an environment where it is easier for you to focus on being active. They will suggest that you go on a hike and then get a beer, but until then, it is YOUR responsibility to be that person who is changing the interactions by making more active and healthier choices.  




So, want to go for a run and get a beer at the end? 



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