Make Your Path- Hero's Journey

This is YOUR path, make it a glorious one. In this 12 weeks workshop you will get THE HERO'S WORKBOOK with it your will create and walk, along with your teammates, on your path. We will meet once a week, go through team building and thought provoking activities and fill out the workbook. By the end you will have a clear image of where you want to be, what are your strengths, who are your mentors, how to deal with set backs and what is your legacy.


Adventure Leadership

This is all about LEADERSHIP. In this 6-10 sessions, we will figure out together what defines a LEADER,think about leaders from the past, find out what are our strengths and how to use them, find out what are our challenges and how to over come them. Learn new skills like ; rope work, how to take laptops and engines apart, build a shelter  and much more. 

The final session is all yours, you will lead your friends through an activity that YOU  design.


ENGINEers- Ranch Camp

Let's get dirty! Do you know how an engine works? did you ever had a chance to take an engine apart? In this workshop you will get a chance to do it all! We will watch a short video on how engines work and then you'll grab your tools and start seeing it for yourself!


Orienteering - Ranch Camp

WHERE ARE YOU?? We can't always relay on GPS and our phones, sometimes we need to read a map.In this 3 sessions  workshop we will learn how to use a compass , read a map , understand what are contour lines and navigate together through the camp. The feeling of being independent and resourceful is life changing