• Eldad Malka

3,2,1, ACTION

I'll start with the bottom line :

Change takes place only where there is action

Think about it for a minute, it is something you already knew and you have been practicing it probably. Still, it is important to bring it up. When you THINK about something you want to change you are doing the first step, but if you don't act it will never come to life (and I know I'm not telling you something new.)

As I was talking with a friend yesterday (thank you John) about my goals with this company, he brought up an interesting idea. If you look at your life as if it was a silent movie, what will you see? It has to be a SILENT movie, because if you will allow yourself to talk in that movie, all you will hear is excuses. CHANGE IS ABOUT ACTION. Here is a mental workout for you:

1. Take two minutes and WRITE DOWN (don't just think it, write it) one thing in your daily routine

that you would like to change.

2. Sit back, relax and replay in your mind yesterday as if it was a silent movie. You woke up, got out of bed and..... keep going until your are finally back in bed.

3. Where were you, what were you DOING, and did the actions you took supported you to create the change you described on step 1?

There is no need for excuses, because there is no room for judgment here it is just about your ACTIONS.

If you think about going out for a run but you stay in bed, it is clear that you won't see a change, right? Same approach applies to other habit changes. If you won't delete your FACEBOOK app from your phone, you will keep opening it every time you are bored (right?)

Change takes place only where there is action

Your actions don't have to be big all the time. They need to be meaningful and relevant to your specific goal, here are a few examples:

*You want to be more thankful- every night write 5 things you are thankful for

* You want to complete 1 pull up- every day complete 5 pull up holds

*You want to more productive- write down every night 5 things that you completed that day.

*You want to eat healthy- write a menu that you think will be good for you.

These are all actions, that by themselves won't create the change, there is much more to it than just "writing 5 things that..." BUT these are actions. They put you in a mode of DOING.

I set my alarm clock this morning an hour early not sure what I'm going to do with the time, but I wanted to be productive. So I got out of bed, I TOOK AN ACTION. Now I'm 515 words beyond where I was 45 minutes ago.

Again- here is the bottom line:

Change takes place only where there is action (

what will your action be?)




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