Out for a RUN

we'll be back soon

Group fitness classes within the office!

Now you don't have an excuse why not to train...

Active, Monthly outdoor events!

lectures, Yoga, 


running group

Health screening,

on-site and off site.

Individual and 

Group Challenges 

to hold you accountable.

On our quest to support people to change their lifestyle, we realized that we need to make it easier for them. One of the main reasons (excuses) for not exercising is lack of time. So bringing fitness and wellness to the workplace made sense. Now you don't have an excuse...

Our goal is to tailor a program to YOUR office that will create a change in the atmosphere, where it will be acceptable to talk about fitness/ nutrition/ hobbies/ goals/ work-family balance and so on. This is not  a "Hit and Run" type of program. The goal is to create a sustainable change where the employees hold each other accountable and support each others' goals.

The tools that we have to get to that goal can vary;

Health fair, in which variety of tests can be done ( BMI, LDL/HDL, blood sugar level, blood pressure etc.).

One on one wellness coaching,

group fitness classes in the office,

monthly outdoor events,

weekly challenges,

group challenges,

nutritional recommendations.

YOUR workplace is unique and so will your wellness program be.